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This academy is dead. We have now moved to HDA http://heavensduelacademy.forumotion.com/

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 Rules of LDA

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PostSubject: Rules of LDA   Tue Jul 17, 2012 11:19 pm

Please follow these rules. Failure to comply will result in disciplinary action.


1. Absolutely no sexual harassment on the forums.

2. Spam is not tolerated.

Spam Includes:

-Talking to your friends post-to-post, there is a chatbox use it!
-One worded posts. Ex. Ok, Who, When, and do not post only faces.
-Necro Posting! This is reviving a old topic that has not been active for 30 days.
-Keep the topics posted in the proper area. Do not post a Arena duel in the Rules section!


3. Keep swearing to a minimum, and do not swear at people.

4. Be active. We want you to enjoy LDA.

5. Do not talk about religion in LDA. As a sensitive topic, not everyone will enjoy hearing about your views.

6. Respect the Staff and members of LDA.

7. No back-seat modding!! This is acting like a Moderator when you aren't.

8. No advertising other academies!!! If you advertise by PM you will be IP banned!!!

9. No double accounts, they will result in a ban from the forum.

10. It is PROHIBITED to steal Graphics from the forum, any one caught will be reported and IP Banned forever.

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Rules of LDA
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