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 Arena Rules

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! holykhayos

! holykhayos

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PostSubject: Arena Rules   Tue Jul 31, 2012 1:16 am

Here we always want our duelists to shine. Smile

Here are the rules everyone must follow when it comes to Official Arena Duels:

  • Please make a challenge for the Arena understandable. Do not trick others.

  • All Official Arena Duels will be best 2/3 Match, where siding is allowed.

  • For each duel within the match, a reward of LP is calculated. The winner will gain 20LP as reward for his victory, while 'non-winner' will gain 5 LP for his attempt. This is to reward those with skill, while also not discourgaing those who still have growing to be done. If the winning participant uses a Deck considered 'Meta', they shall recieved a reduced reward of 10LP. Again, this is to ensure the growth of a duelist's talents. If the winning participant does not use a 'Meta' Deck, but defeats an opponent who was using a 'Meta' Deck, they shall recieve a greater reward of 40LP, for showing great talent and skill. All points awarded shall be sumed together following the finish of the match by the staff.

Decks considered Meta: (As of 7/30/12)
Dino Rabbit
Chaos Dragons
Dark World
Hero Stun
Six Samurai

  • Once the Official Arena Duel has finished, participants shall post the results in the following format:

    ~Grapha~ Vs. ChapinCrusher
    2-1 I won
    Dark World Vs. Lightsworn
    (Notice: The above denominations are how we will determine whether a deck is 'Meta' or not.

    The participant who posted must make sure his/her opponent confirms this outcome. Please be clear on this. Anything else will NOT be counted. Making up duels and their outcomes, and otherwise lying about Official Arena Duel results will not be tolerated. Offenders shall immediately recieve a Lv 2 Warning, skipping the first level altogether.

  • Once the duel is posted, please wait for staff to reward points, lock the topic, and change your LDA record.

Thanks from the staff of LDA Wink If you have any questions, please ask staff to help you out.


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Arena Rules
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